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Deb Haaland, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico congresswoman nominated to be Secretary of the Interior

  • Today there 574 federally recognized tribes.
  • The 1900 census enumerated 237,000 North American Indians. This number represents a population collapse of 90%.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has killed more Native Americans than any other group. Deaths among Native Americans are one in every 475 compared to one in every 645 African Americans and one in 121 white Americans (ARM Research Lab).
  • Despite more general acceptance of the vaccines and willingness to be vaccinated ,distribution in tribal communities has been less than the demand.
  • President Joe Biden has created a Covid-19 Health Equity Task Force in response to the inequities in healthcare among minority population groups across the United States. 

Native American Needs:

  • access to water and electricity

In the Navaho Nation, 30 to 40 percent have no running water; 30 to 40 percent are without electricity.

  • improvements to roads and bridges
  • adequate health care

The Indian Health Service includes 26 hospitals, 56 health centers, and 32 health stations serving 2.2 million tribal members

  • shutdown the Dakota Access Pipeline that crosses north of Standing Rock Sioux reservation
  • end the rollback protection of Bear Ears National Monument that President Trump started to boost oil production
  • support Indian schools

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