The Other Jamestown

The Algonquian Exchange

Pomeiooc Indian Village

“…I have seen the death of my people thrice.” Chief Wahunsenacah(Powhatan) (Original Source) See also: Wahunsenach and John Smith on Peace and War

Story Lines

English Settlements

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Deerskin Map: Indian Nations between South
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Smith’s Capture


Algonquian Dances


English invaders conquered the Virginia Algonquians due to their superior knowledge, resources, and skills.


For nearly three decades (1607-1630s), the invaders were dependent upon the Algonquians for food, protection, and survival. Not until the 1630s did the invaders gain the advantage due to their superior numbers. Meanwhile, the English began to occupy choice farmland and areas in proximity to prime hunting and fishing spots provoking an Algonquian attack on James River plantations in 1622.