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Voyage to Jamestown


The Oher Jamestown site is designed to allow viewers to explore the Jamestown, Virginia, settlement from the perspectives of the Indians of Early Virginia. How did the Algonquian-speaking Indians of Early Virginia help the English survive and build a nation? What is their legacy and heritage in national life and culture?


For teachers, students, and the general educated public interested in exploring the Jamestown narrative from the vantage point of Virginia Indians


The site uses the tools and techniques of modern technology to create new knowledge and knowledge in new ways. The Algonquian Exchange is a conceptual (heuristic) device that encourages users to discover and learn something themselves. Focus upon the interchanges: the transfer of plants, culture, technology, diseases, and ideas between the Algonquians and the invaders, with the emphasis upon the contributions of Native Americans to American life and culture.

Getting Started:


  • The Other Jamestown: Begin here with about 15 topical entries on the Virginia Algonquians. The author created this web site with text, images, links to primary documents, sources, and other web sites.
  • A web site on the Jamestown founding based upon original documents, maps, artifacts, images, laws, labor contracts, and colonial records in searchable databases
  • a large archive of topical entries, primary documents, and biographies on Virginia Indians
  • The World Wide Web: Web browsers like Google and Bing, when used with caution, provide access to a vital global library of data. For example, Richard Hakluyt’s 1584 Discourse of Western Planting is a famous document laying out England’s 20 reasons for exploring the “New World.” The document is a good starting point for the English perspective on colonization.